Plants and Finishes 

We shop all over Florida to find the best quality and value for your plants. We also know what grows well in this climate zone and will work with you to make the best choices for your landscape. If you are looking for specialty or unusual plants we can help. Our network of growers and nurseries can often locate or obtain the plants on your wish list. All of our new plant installations come with a warranty.

Even the finest plants, though, don't look their best without a mulch or stone finish around them. For organic finishes we recommend pine bark mulch, cypress mulch and pine straw. Many clients prefer to use a stone finish to reduce maintenance and replenishment frequencies. All of our stone installations include a heavy-duty commercial weed barrier fabric that goes under the stone to deter weed growth. The most typical stone finishes include river rock, seminole stone, slate chips, granite, timberlite and lava stone.


Some of the plant categories we regularly work with

Tropical plants
Native plants
Palm trees
Succulents and cactus
Low-water plants
Evergreen plants and trees
Ornamental plants
Heirloom plants